Hello Community!

I’m Morgan Elizabeth, storyteller and healer here to create art to help raise consciousness throughout the world. Also, to share laughter, love, joy, and truth. I have given myself the title of “Self Proclaimed Guru” because we are all our own Gurus. Don’t follow the Guru, YOU ARE THE GURU! It’s a fun dance song by Ganga Girl.

I’m on a crazy adventure where I gave up most everything I had to become a nomad and manifest my dreams of a storytelling (writing, filmmaking, acting) career, uniting with my True Partner, and creating a home with that partner. I’m 31, jobless, technically homeless, with no savings, but a beautiful trust in the Universe/Life/Spirit/Destiny/Source/Oprah that this is my offbeat path of having the life that I want. I have a whole lot of past adventures and journeys in healing to overcome my barriers of fears and limiting beliefs about myself and my life that allow me to know that I can go forward now with nothing but two backpacks, faith, and a worldwide community rooting for me and lending helping hands along the way. I’m excited to share my past stories and my present as it unfolds. Check out the “CHAPTERS” Menu to follow along!

May we share our stories with one another to help the navigation of the manifestation of our dreams and beyond. People need to share their stories, it’s how we heal. Sending love out to all of you!

Love is infinite. We are infinity. Love is power. We create miracles.


Find me on the Internet!


Twitter: @morgyliz

IMDB: Morgan Elizabeth

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